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Cotton bracelet

Rocailles bracelet

Bath balls

Bath salt

Cement house

Cement tray

Cement tray 2

Cement houses


Lemon-shape soap Wrap-slip bangle Yellow lampshade Wooden box Jewellery pendant Cork bracelet Grey dreamcatcher Cement ball


Heart pendant Wooden tray Wooden crate Bar frames Mini garden Wooden tray Cement ball Cork pouch


Cement lamp Heart soap Soap in paper box Cork basket Earrings, bracelet Cement bunny Creative soap Oval earrings


Diamond pendant Pendant tag Wooden tray Marbled soap Natural soap leaf Natural soap tree Cement pendant Cement mushroom


Pinkish soap Heart soap Rose soap Mini garden Cork key ring Pendant tag Pendant with sticker Buddha soap


Made by me soap No troubles soap Duck soap Frog soap Soap cardboard cup Wooden box Diamond pendant Tropical chains


Winter garden Wooden star Winter Wonderland Winter dream Mini winter

Winter mini garden

Winter mini-story Winter candle


Inside Christmas Christmas Card Christmas globe Christmas globe Abundance bracelet Heart soap Wind light glass Cloud with stars


Angels calendar Sledge calendar Flow calendar Gifts calendar Antique bracelet Turned bracelet Car calendar Story in a box


Faceted orb Bamboo cup Dotted cup Hand-lettered cup Tom's cup Cup with picture Tropical cup Cereal bowl


Tropical bowl Cookie storage King's apron Cup with love Curly necklace Wood light-frame Painted letter House pendant


Cement photo-frame Cement flower Cement letter Cement egg Cement round tile Golden rabbit Cement rabbit Cement houses



cement house

Half honeycomb

cement house


cement house


cement house


candle holder


candle holder

Cement knob


rose knob


Cement egg Cement magnets

Cement side plate

Cement small plate Cement med. plate Cement bowl


jewelry box

Cement big star



cement star


two stars

Cement trees Cement candle holder


middle stars


side plate

Cement houses


star house


Minty cement house Cement knobs Cement knob Small cement ball Big cement bowl Small cement bowl


cement bowl

Cement bowl

with a snail


Candy jar Flip-top bottle Glass vases Styrofoam eggs Colourful bracelet Cotton bag Leaf cotton bag Heart cotton bag


Happy cotton bag White basket Geometry cotton bag Map cotton bag Cottage gym bag Minty board Pinky board Deco frames


Glass vases Cookie soap Cement star Illuminated bottle House in dome bell Wire tree and star Ultra glossy eggs Green invitation card


Wedding invitation Wedding card Explosion box Faceted vase Faceted vase

Faceted orb

with bath salt

Golden faceted orb Faceted orb



finger paint

Bottle tags

Bottle vase

circle pattern

Bottle vase

line pattern

Plaited bracelet Happy tiles Knotted test tubes Gift to Mexico


Golden package Bottle gift tag Gift tag

Gift bag for

piece of cake

Piece of cake

Merci gift box

Love gift box Sunshine gift tag


Illuminated jar Gradient glass jar Tasseled jar Vintage orbs Glass orbs


glass candle

Gradient vase Lined glass vase


Golden necklace Golden bracelet Cement pear Cement apple Cement mushroom Big cement dwarf Leaf green candle Green bracelet


Hanging mini garden Cement house HOME Wired houses Love is in the air Wedding menu Wedding card Wedding bag Wood unicorn


Cacti hinge Wood bar frame Wood postcard Hexagonal tray Mosaic box Wood house Wood bunny Feather wood house


Angel wood peg Wood slatted frame Wood Mandala frame Wood ring Smile wood ring Wood light board Wood lettering Wood soap dish


Wood tray Card Wedding card Cookie soap Yarrow candle

Picture candle

Heart candles Festive candles


Candle glass holder Tassel necklace Tassel necklace Pennants necklace Queen's apron Soap cherry DREAMS cushion Cement pear


Cement ball Cement apple Cement mushroom Pink cement house Green bath salt Cement deco bowl Cement angels Cement wreath


Small cement crown Cement wreath Big cement crown Mosaic cement ball Flower cement ball Star cement ball Cork-banderole jar Cork pen


Cork lamp Cork bag Illuminated world Cosmetic bag Cosmetic bag Paper gift bag Cement star Miniature house


Glowing orb Wrap bracelet Golden lamp Blades lamp Macrame lamp Colored lantern Soap macarons

Marbled box


Marbled eggs Marbled card Marbled card Marbled candles Menu card Metal ring calendar Happy metal ring Love metal ring


Do more metal ring Metallic plate Metallic plate

Medium cement


Granoplast bowl Easter bowl Modeled bowl

Heart mosaic tile


Mosaic mirror Resin tag Marbled eggs Picture candle Sequins frog Panda Paper diamonds Paper gift tag


Paper box Illuminated paper star Illuminated paper star Star garland Paracord bracelets Magnet bracelet Pearl necklace Pin and Peg


Quilling Resin flowers Resin fish Gold resin rabbit Resin rabbit Resin heart Resin butterfly Resin stars


Resin heart Mandala tile Isabella necklace Rocailles necklace

Another piece of cake

Pink gift tag Cement rose Metallic bracelet


Metallic necklace Red gift bag Red bath salt Soap house Soap cookie Cement candle holder Candle holder Soap cake


Cement star Cement bowl Key chain Face painting X-mas card Flamingo cone Rocket cone Dream catcher


Wide bracelet Miyuki earrings Rose soap Soap box

Shopping bags


Silver necklace Silver bracelet Summer earrings


Sun mirror Mirror wood tray Spiral bracelet Star tag Star tag Radiant necklace Styrofoam egg Styrofoam fruits


Cement fir Large cement fir Bag tassel Tassel earrings Table card Cement flowerpot Necklace dream-catcher Dream-catcher


Turquoise necklace Turquoise bracelet Cork gym bag Cement vase Soap tree Gift bags Rose soap Cement candle holder


Vintage plate Cement bird Pineapple decoration X-mas card Story in a box Zebra painting