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23 Jan Bracelet
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DIFFICULTYDURATION30 min Instructions in 4 stepsThat's how it works:1Step 1For the bracelet you need 50 cm waxed cotton cord. First thread 1 metal pearl gold, 10 Indian pearls black, 1 metal pearl gold, then the letters "SOPHIA", 1 metal pearl gold, ..
16 Jan 3D camper
12 Jan Flocked mushrooms
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DIFFICULTYRATION60 minInstructions in 8 steps2 rosy mushrooms, 2 yellow mushrooms, 1 green mushroomAnd this is how it works:1Step 1Stick all 5 styrofoam mushrooms onto a wooden skewer.2Step 2If the styrofoam mushroom gets a "creased seam", this uneve..
11 Jan Cement ball ø 12 cm
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DIFFICULTYDURATION90 minInstructions in 9 stepsBesides the articles listed below, you also need: Cooking oil, Paper towel, Pebbles, Plastic can or mug ø 6 cm as „inlay“And this is how it works:1Pasul 1Așezați globul din plastic transparenta, pe o sup..
10 Jan Wooden world map with golden glowing light
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DIFFICULTYDURATION90 minInstructions in 7 stepsBesides the articles listed below, you also need: Hot glue, buttons cells And this is how it works:1Step 1Take the continents carefully out of the wooden world map.2Step 2Dip the damp paint pad firstly i..
10 Jan Cement-tray with glass vessel
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DIFFICULTYDURATION120 minInstructions in 4 stepsAnd this is how it works:1Step 1Coat the big square-shaped casting mould with cooking oil from inside and put it on a stable surface. Then, prepare about 2000g of creative-cement according to package in..
08 Jan Colorful wooden world map
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DIFFICULTYDURATION150 minInstructions in 12 stepsAnd this is how it works:1Step 1Cover the whole frame out of wooden slats with the Chalky Finish dark brown cream-wax by means of the paint pad. Dip the used sponge into the Chalky Finish anthracite pa..
04 Jan Wooden drawer with mini-garden
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DIFFICULtyDURATION180 minInstructions in 6 stepsAnd this is how it works:1Step 1Paint the wooden frame of the drawer with Chalky Finish white and let it dry well out.2Step 2Next to come is the rubbing of the outer side of the drawer with the candle-w..
04 Jan Marbled soap „Made by me“
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DIFFICULTYDURATION30 minInstructions in 9 stepsIt's as simple as that to cast your soap.Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Stove, pot, melting pot, scale, small plastic container, craft stick as a stirrer or teaspoon, tablespoonAnd thi..
19 Dec Santa Claus
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Mos Craciun din lemnDIFICULTATETIMP60 minInstructiuni in 8 pasi:1Pas 1Imprimați șabloanele pentru față și pălărie.2Pas 2Apoi desenați contururile feței si barba pe corpul de lemn cu un creion.3Pas 3Pentru față, deschideți culoarea vopselei universale..
19 Dec Christmas paper cottage
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Christmas paper cottageDIFFICULTYDURATION60 minInstructions in 8 stepsAnd this is how it works:1Step 1With the Clear Stamps Advent Calendar and the black & white stamp pad, stamp two of your paper bags. Then paint all four paper block bottom bags usi..
10 Nov Big fir tree with plush
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DIFICULTATETIMP60 minÎn afară de elementele de mai de jos este nevoie și de: rigla1Pasul 1Glue pattern B together on the dashed line (B1 + B2).You can find the pattern in the PDF of the craft idea. Just download it.2Pasul 2Cut the plush fabric using ..
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