120 min
Instructions in 4 stepsAnd this is how it works:

Step 1

Coat the big square-shaped casting mould with cooking oil from inside and put it on a stable surface. Then, prepare about 2000g of creative-cement according to package instructions and pour it into the big square-shaped casting mould.

Step 2

Coat the outer sides of the small square-shaped casting mould with coo-king oil and place it centrically into the filled big square-shaped casting mould. Subsequently, the small square-shaped casting mould is going to be weighed down with pebbles in order to reach the desired depth. Let it dry overnight, thereupon you can release the moulds and leave the cement to dry out (one to several days).

Step 3

Fill the two small glass vessels with some beige granulate and insert re-spectively one mini succulent “Echeveria” and mini succulent “Haworthia” in the center. Decorate the big glass vessel with iceland moss, river pebble and succulent “Sedum”.

Step 4

Space the finished vessels around the tray and embellish it with branches of your choice.