180 min

Instructions in 6 stepsAnd this is how it works:


Step 1

Paint the wooden frame of the drawer with Chalky Finish white and let it dry well out.

Step 2

Next to come is the rubbing of the outer side of the drawer with the candle-wax. Now, paint the drawer with the Chalky Finish mint-green paint and let it dry well out, then work on the sides with the sandpaper.

Step 3

Cut the foam bricks so that they fit into the drawer and enable from above various levels.

Step 4

Coat the upper side of the foam brick with some craft glue.

Step 5

While the glue is still wet, decorate the drawer, fill the way with gra-nulates, fasten the decorative plants (succulents, vanilla grass, mini box tree branches and moss) at the sides of the way and place then the garden furniture (parasol, iron fence, archway and rocking chair). Let them dry.

Step 6

At the end, decorate it all with the metallic watering cans, buckets and hand tools.