30 min

Instructions in 9 stepsIt's as simple as that to cast your soap.

Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Stove, pot, melting pot, scale, small plastic container, craft stick as a stirrer or teaspoon, tablespoon

And this is how it works:


Step 1

Melt the creative-soap in a water-bath on the stove (max. 60° - do not boil).

Step 2

For the soaps with motif or logo, place upwards the label with the stamping.

Step 3

After a complete melting, stir in the plastic container into the liquid soap 2-4 drops of the azure-blue soap colour and 1 drop of the fragrance oil ocean.

Step 4

Now, add two more drops of the soap colour into the vessel and stir the colour quite roughly in the soap.

Step 5

To stir the colour and the fragrance oil, use a craft stick or a teaspoon. To get the soap over the label, use a tablespoon or pour it carefully out of the plastic container into the mould. Thus, the marble look can be spread better.

Step 6

Let the soap dry well out (at least 2-3 hours, ideally one day). Demould the soap by a slight pressure.

Step 7

Remove the label at best with a pointed object e.g. a needle.

Tip: Let the finished soap dry at best for 2-3 weeks; the longer it ripens, the firmer becomes.


Step 8

Depending on the temperature and airiness, the soap can perspire. We therefore recommend to wrap the soap after its demoulding in a transparent foil for flowers (cellophane).

Step 9

Clean the soap casting mould and the pots with hot water.