210 min

3D camper – Craft Idea – Rayher

nstructions in 7 stepsYou can paint the caravan before or after putting the pieces together. It is easier to paint the individual parts lying flat.

Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Aluminium foil, Kitchen roll

And this is how it works:


Step 1

Assemble the caravan according to the construction manual. Glue with wood/cork glue if necessary.

Hint: Please note that you do not paint the butt joints with paint. Because paint on the joints can cause the wood to swell and then cause problems when put together.


Step 2

Paint with the coral glaze paint the lower third of the caravan side panels and the area of the base plate. For the remaining surfaces of the side panels, the rear end, the roof, the front parts, the awning triangles and the supply box - use the alabaster white glaze. Let them dry out.

Step 3

In the meantime, paint with the stone grey glaze the window trims, the decorative borders, the trailer hitch and the lock rings for the wheels. Let them dry out as well.

Step 4

For the tyres, use the black All Purpose paint.

Step 5

Paint the striped awning alternately with the glaze paints stone grey and coral as well as with the black All Purpose paint.

Step 6

Decorate the caravan according to your preferences with painted wooden flowers & stickers.

Step 7

Finally, you can couple the 3D caravan with the 3D camper.