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Brand: RAYHER Model: 30520050
Precision craft cutter, 14 cm..
15.15 RON
Ex Tax:12.73 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910738
Turning knuckle cutter, tab-card 1 pc. + 2 spare blades..
20.88 RON
Ex Tax:17.55 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910736
Precision craft cutter, tab-card 1 pc. + 3 spare blades..
18.20 RON
Ex Tax:15.29 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 8932600
Thanks to its wafer-thin tip, this pen enables extremely precise work when working with wax. Make motifs out of wax foil for different occasions and trace easily fine lines. Working with templates is also an option here...
17.03 RON
Ex Tax:14.31 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910227
A little handy, versatile tool! The small handy circle cutter with centimetre measuring scale contains 5 spare blades for precise cuts, 1 paper protector and 3 leads. You can quickly and easily cut circles with a diameter of 1.2 cm up to 30 cm from paper or photo or use it as a compass for circle dr..
24.74 RON
Ex Tax:20.79 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60955222
Suitable for paper grades from 130g/m², photos, sponge rubber up to 2 mm, grey cardboard up to 600 g/m², rigid foils up to 0.4 mm and shrink films. The cutter circle has integrated storage compartment with 3 spare blades. Easy and precise cutting of circles from 2.4-15.3cm ø and round corners. The t..
116.36 RON
Ex Tax:97.78 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 2728500
Hobby knife, 14 cm..
5.56 RON
Ex Tax:4.67 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910564
Suitable to cut paper, crepla (foam rubber), cloth, leather etc. The small wheel has a diameter of 28 mm, the blade is made of SKS-5 Tungsten steel. It is convenient for left and right handers. You can also order replacement blades, item 8921500 (3 pieces). Attention: The blade is very sharp! Keep o..
26.62 RON
Ex Tax:22.37 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60955221
Replacement blades f. circle cutter, tab-blister 6pcs...
28.24 RON
Ex Tax:23.73 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910235
Replacement blades for art. 8924100, and 8924400, box 6 pcs...
10.58 RON
Ex Tax:8.89 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910739
Blades for turning knuckle cutter, tab-card 3 pcs. f. Art. No. 89-579-00..
9.41 RON
Ex Tax:7.91 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910737
Blades for precision craft cutter, tab-card 3 pcs. f. Art. No.89-577-00..
7.53 RON
Ex Tax:6.33 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60910565
It is for example ideal to make your own Quilling stripes...
22.76 RON
Ex Tax:19.13 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 60855172
Roll blade zigzag, 45cm ø, tab-blister..
67.24 RON
Ex Tax:56.50 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 7851400
Content: 10 stencils, 4 cutter, 1 cutting mat.With the ten different stencils you can create more than 60 different motives. Place the mat on a flat subfont. Apply the paper on the cutting mat and place the stencil on top. Press the cutter with light pressure along the table-rack. With this stencil ..
248.61 RON
Ex Tax:208.92 RON
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