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Brand: Koh-I-Noor Model: 60957698
Flori fetru, cu codita, diverse culori, 7x5 cm, 4 buc/set..
9.40 RON
Ex Tax:7.90 RON
Brand: Koh-I-Noor Model: 60957701
Ciupercute fetru, diverse culori, 6x5 cm..
6.10 RON
Ex Tax:5.13 RON
Brand: Koh-I-Noor Model: 60918851
Smiley face, adezive, carton buretat, diverse culori, 1.5+2.5+3.5 cm, 12 buc/set..
4.30 RON
Ex Tax:3.61 RON
Placaj traforaj A4 50/set, lemn de plop, calitate germana, pretul este pe bucata
Hot -39 %
Brand: RAYHER Model: 260146479
Placaj traforaj A4 50/set, lemn de plop, calitate germana, pretul este pe bucata..
2.98 RON 4.90 RON
Ex Tax:2.50 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 260146480
Placaj traforaj A3 50/set, lemn de plop, calitate germana, pretul este pe bucata\r\nAcest produs se livreaza doar la bax de 50 bucati...
5.00 RON
Ex Tax:4.20 RON
Raw-wood balls, undrilled, 30mm ø
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: RAYHER Model: 6116400
Bile din lemn, negaurite, 30mm o..
1.29 RON
Ex Tax:1.08 RON
Raw-wood balls, undrilled, 20mm ø
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: RAYHER Model: 6116200
Bile din lemn, negaurite, 20mm o..
0.63 RON
Ex Tax:0.53 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 46277000
Vas din metal, diametru 7,5-11,5 cm, inaltime 15.8 cm..
11.39 RON
Ex Tax:9.57 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 46278000
Vas din metal, diametru 10-15 cm, inaltime 20 cm..
15.15 RON
Ex Tax:12.73 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 46276000
Zinc-deco plate, 36cm A?..
19.00 RON
Ex Tax:15.97 RON
Brand: RAYHER Model: 46275000
Zinc-deco plate, 30cm A?..
15.15 RON
Ex Tax:12.73 RON
Corrugated board, sheet 50x70 cm, both sides stained
Up to -9 %
Carton ondulat RAYHER, dimensiune 50x70 cm - DIVERSE CULORI..
6.50 RON - 7.14 RON 7.14 RON - 7.70 RON
Ex Tax:5.46 RON - 6.00 RON
Brand: Pigna Model: PSPE2001-1
Penar 2 extensii roz Princess..
43.73 RON 48.54 RON
Ex Tax:36.75 RON
Brand: Pigna Model: KEPMMP211A
2.28 RON 2.53 RON
Ex Tax:1.92 RON
Brand: Pigna Model: KEPMMP211N
2.28 RON 2.53 RON
Ex Tax:1.92 RON
Kaleido - Pin & Peg


Our pin & peg boards keep your four walls tidy and also look absolutely stylish. You determine the combination of hooks, baskets, mirrors. Best of all: The boards can be redecorated at any time, so you can let your creativity run free again and again.
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